Leather, Tweed, Breathe

It's Monday, let's embrace our creativity today! And by creativity, I don't mean "the arts." I just mean something that causes you to feel lost in time like when you were a kid. You don't even have to be amazing at it, just something you LOVE doing.

I'm personally a "success" or "production" thinker. Which means I have to constantly remind myself that not everything in life is meant to have an end result of success or production. I wrestle with the thinking that if I can't excel at something, I need to move on to what is more "worthy" of my time. My husband so effortlessly enjoys life. Just being with him helps you remember that life is to be delighted in. To take pleasure in the day not because of what it will bring you, but simply because it is wonderful. I have this ability too. We ALL do. But I guess just because of the way I am wired, I have to set my focus a bit more. The great thing is, whenever we set our focus to the enjoyment of this moment, gratitude comes and creative living always follows. So, let's breathe, focus and enjoy the day! 

It's FALL ya'll! That cool relief from summer! Pumpkins, Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes; oh and STILL sweating a bit here in Houston. However, I did get a wonderful chance to spend some time in Oklahoma where the weather really does feel like fall! I wasn't too disappointed tho when we got back to town. We now have some cool mornings and evenings. Perfect for pulling out that fall wardrobe!

I pretty much love any outfit with a bit of an edge and that is exactly what this combo of leather and tweed brings to the table. These booties have the perfect amount of fringe without feeling overboard. And Le Tote always keeps me looking fresh with trendy accessories like this crossbody bag!

If you're still looking to try Le Tote, here is a link for $25 off your first tote. Can't beat renting clothes and accessories for cheaper than  you would pay to own them! :)

Sam Edelman 'Louie' Bootie