As the Water Rises

Life happens in waves, around you and within you. What do you do when the water rises?

Go get you some rain boots! Links for this outfit at the end of this post :).

Hurricane Patricia gave me ample opportunity this weekend indoors to read, ponder and watch the physical waters rise around the city of Houston. I began to think about the outward and inward waves of life. 

At the surface, you can see the momentum build in an ocean wave until reaching its highest crest. From there the wave either crashes on shore or returns to sea level. Even in calm waters, there is always movement. But at least the movement is pleasant. You feel at ease. Somedays the waves are unruly and never ending. Sometimes those waves crash on top of you, pulling you under. Other times we ride the waves with great skill and joy.

What I want to remind you of today is that the ocean needs all types of waves to maintain a truly healthy eco-system! Just like our life needs all the waves that come our way. Some days will feel like smooth sailing and everything seems to be working out just as you see fit for it to be. Other times you'll feel the waters rise. You'll think you've prepared for this. You're counting on riding this wave. And then, crash! Before you can brace yourself, you're underwater gasping for breath. After this set of waves has run it's course tho, calm waters will come again. But just because you recently went through a crash, don't let the next time the waters rise cause you to panic! 

Keep preparing to ride the next wave!  

Paralleling our outward lives, I believe we also go through inner waves. Sometimes we're really connecting with others and extremely social creatures. Other times we need to draw back and draw within ourselves. In those quiet places we refresh, meet with creativity, host inspiration, and make our plans. All of it is needed for a healthy inner life. Not one wave is more important than the other. There is no good or bad wave.

We live in the infinite wisdom of life created by the purest LOVE. All things really do work together for our good. If there were no waves, life would be so boring. Wherever you are today, stop and remember how much you are loved. If you're crushing life, yay! If you're in the undertow, don't worry, calm waters are coming your way!

Happy Monday! xoxo!


These are my all-time FAV Sorel boots! They are completely waterproof! Also, I ordered them a half-size up and put in New Balance inserts to make them super comfy to walk in!

I love these Zara jeans. I'm curvy and I so appreciate the hint of stretch and spandex Zara jeans offer! 

This trendy necklace and clutch is from Le Tote. Here's a code for $25 off your first tote! 

This sweater was $6 from Goodwill! I love wool sweaters. I also love really funky patterns. I have full confidence you could find a similar one at a Goodwill near you. 

And this hat is one I got at Party City! lol! And it will live on in my husband's costume this year!