Cozy Up and Read BIG MAGIC!

Cozy Up and Read BIG MAGIC!

Fall has finally arrived! I actually am very fond of each seasonal change, but fall is my favorite. It's that bundling, baking, cozying up by the fire time of year. Maybe it's my favorite season because at my core I'm a homebody :). AND we're on the heels of Holiday Season! Such a magical time of year!

Speaking of magic, I'm still enjoying BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love how she expresses creative living in a practical way. If you haven't picked it up yet, it needs to be on your reading list!

Annnnnd, speaking of Big Magic, the biggest magic I know happens at Disneyland! One week from today, William and I will set out for California to spend our 4 year wedding anniversary at Disneyland! I worked for Disney back in 2008/2009 but William has never been. I can't wait to share this incredible place and experience with him! I may have gone overboard, but I literally have EVERYTHING planned out! I'm too excited!!!

Another thing that makes me happy is those places where you can paint your own pottery. Yes, this (albeit too early) Christmas Vibes Only mug was painted by my own two hands! Haha! Crafty!


This gorgeous maroon sweater is courtesy of Le Tote. If you haven't signed up yet, your time has come! Click here to receive $25 off your first tote.

These sweat pants are a J.Crew steal!

And who doesn't love the coziness of ugg boots?! Maybe that makes me "so basic", but whatev, I love them!! :) 

Happy Tuesday everyone! XOXO!