5 Ways to Keep it Real at Holiday Parties

5 Ways to Keep it Real at Holiday Parties

5 Ways to Keep it Real at Holiday Parties:

Holiday parties are my favorite! There's just so many options! Fancy schmancy, ugly Christmas sweater, White Elephant and a new one I participated in this year - "Thrift Store Christmas". It's where everyone draws a name and whoever they pick, they have to go to a thrift store or Goodwill and pick out an outfit for them to wear. Totally hilarious! 

No matter what type of party you're going to, here are a few ideas to help you feel confident about what you're wearing.

1. Sparkle: I don't know if it's because all of a sudden everyone loves the twinkle lights and now wants to be part of them. Or if it's because your senses are on overload from all the stores, but at this time of year people are head to toe in shimmer! And I LOVE IT! In my opinion the only way you can go wrong in the sparkle department is if you're showing to much skin. Cuz, EWW! So, bling it up babies!  

2. Foolproof Color Scheme and Layers: Red, Green, Black. Always acceptable. And throw in Gold and Silver too. Wear any variety of these colors and you will always look festive! Have fun with your outfit and LAYER! Layers give your look dimension. Like in a painting!  

3. Red Lips: I totally rock them all season long!

4. Booties: It's winter, embrace the bootie! Even if you need to go to a fancy party, there are plenty of fancy booties!

5. Spread the Cheer: The best part of this season is being together! No matter what you're doing, remember that who you are with is the most important part! Don't let what you're wearing be what you obsess about. Go to the party to be with people you love and have fun! 

Most of this outfit is a old classics in my closet. The coat and scarf are J. Crew. The skirt is Anthropologie.

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