You Might Be A Sterotypical White-Girl

You Might Be A Sterotypical White-Girl

I actually find Stereotypes quite amusing as long as they aren't being unkind. And in light of that here are a few Stereotypes I've seen everywhere in memes that I find true of myself on "You Might Be A Stereotypical White Girl If..." 

1. You like, LOVE Starbucks (really....)

2. You love Uggs (Ummm, they're like walking on clouds. And who doesn't love that?!) 

3. You Love Katy Perry (I thought most people do?!?!)

4. You watch and love Pretty Little Liars (Ok, you've got me. I can't help it. And every time I hear the name of that show, I hear Jimmy Fallon saying it on his skit "Ew!". So funny)

5. You love leggings and "active wear" (uh, yeah! It's how you can get away without having to put on real pants.)

6. You love Taylor Swift (Come on! Everyone does! Even the people who want to hate her can't.)

7. You have enough fuzzy socks to last you a lifetime (What?! They're so cozy! I thought this was just good sense!)

8. You have a deep love for wine (I'm not even apologizing for this. Red wine is good for you! It's just science.)

9. You love Braid trends (How are we going to put Braids in a box?!)

10. You go HAM on deserts (If you're not, then you're not doing it right.) 

I'm not afraid of Stereotypes! I think for myself and I wear what I want. No one's opinion or effort to put you into a certain category should matter. Do what you want and what makes you happy. And you know what, I'm pretty sure Uggs and Starbucks makes all kinds of people happy!

Happy Wednesday lovies!

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