Where to Get Moroccan Kilim Boots

Where to Get Moroccan Kilim Boots

Happy New year lovelies! Hope your holiday time with friends and family was relaxing and fun! Hope that wonderful memories were made! William and I had a wonderful two weeks of uninterrupted time together, it was heaven!

Let's talk about how it still winter! And how winter is awesome because you can wear lots of cute boots!  These boots are some of my favs! Total showstoppers! I found these at Bohemia Design a couple years ago. Their online shop sometimes will run low on stock and options, but they always re-stock! If you visit their site and don't find what you're looking for today, keep checking! Annnnd, right NOW their Kilim boot collection is on sale! So, it would be awesome for you and your pocket book if they have your size/style in stock!

Also, these Willow and Clay leggings are my fav! They aren't thin or see-through and have the perfect amount of elasticity. Also, they're on sale right now for half off! Get em' while they're hot!

Sending you my BEST Vibes in this new year, 2016 is going to ROCK! 

Bohemia Kilim and Leather Boots

Forever 21 Longline Cardigan

Willow & Clay Leggings

Bonjour Clutch from Le Tote (Click here to get $25 off your first tote!)

This scarf was a gift from an amazing family that I met during my India travels.