Keeping It Easy

December is a month to go-go-go! So let's take big, deep yoga breaths. Be present. Don't miss the magic of this season! Whether you're out buying gifts, headed to holiday parties or preparing for big trips to visit your family there are a few things you can count on to keep you looking stylish as you focus on the more important things.

1. Go-to Denim: First, if you haven't invested in a pair of Madewell denim, your time has come! These wine jeans are my holiday favorite right now and they're on sale! Get to a store and try on the high-rise skinnies if you're looking for strict denim! You won't be sorry. If you're between sizes, size down because they do stretch with wear. They are a bit more than I like to spend on a pair of pants, but it's Christmas time and they are totally worth it! 

2. Booties you could live in: Get you some booties that you could walk for days in and ones that you feel stylish in too. These from Sam Edleman are super comfy and they make feel like I look like someone who has it together! HA! Even if the complete opposite is true. And they're also on sale!

3. Statement Jewelry: Most times for me, this is a long necklace that I can throw on with any top. Having a statement necklace can pull an outfit together. You could have messy hair and a t-shirt on, but throwing on that necklace tells people, "I did this on purpose". This piece from Noonday Collection is amazing! It's called the Pagoda Necklace. You should just have this in your stash.  

4. The Everything Travel Bag: I have been searching for months for my new travel bag! You know, that bag that is bigger than your everyday purse. That bag that you take to the airport and on long car trips because it can hold everything you need! I always look for a bag that has a bit of an edge and will go with most anything I wear. Michael Kors did it again, I'm in bag heaven! If you're looking for something to put on your Christmas list, you would love this bag. I got mine at the Katy Outlets for a great deal!

5. The Hat: The hat is a lifesaver! You could have the dirtiest hair and no one would ever know! I've been searching for a large brimmed matador hat, so if you find one - let me know! I haven't found it yet, but this mini-brimmed matador is my current JAM! If you have no hats, you should start with a black hat. It goes with most things and will make you feel like you have effortless style :). This one is from Forever 21 for an excellent price.

6. Sunnies: You could have no make-up on and no one would know. Plus, you won't get squint wrinkles :).  

All photo cred today goes to Haley Ottmann's Photography! This girl is so talented and a joy to work with! If you are in the Houston area, you need to book her! She's kind and has great ideas when it comes to capturing the right moments!