Whimsy With Noonday Collection

Whimsy With Noonday Collection

This week I had so much fun featuring Noonday Collection! It's not only a wonderful company who's goal is to empower others. They truly make beautiful and unique jewelry and accessories. If you still have a few people left on the Christmas gift list, Noonday Collection is your answer!

Today's look was inspired by their "Sofiya Wrap Bracelet" and their "Glimmer Bracelet". Each around $30!

These first two weeks of December have flown by! I am in full swing trying to get everything ready for Christmas. As I am sure everyone of you are doing as well. I wanted to take a mini-moment to stop and remind you how lovely and sweet and perfect you are! People are crazy this time of year. The hurry of this season can cause people to be cruel when they should be spreading cheer. I think it helps when we stop and soak in the way that God sees us. In that sweetness, we show kindness to others. Everything about you is what God had in mind when he made you. Nothing about you is missing or lacking. You are everything God hoped you would be. Complete.

When I am able to still myself and soak in the absolute love with which God sees me, all of humanity and the entire universe, I feel magical! And I begin to see everyone and everything around me as magical! That is my hope for you this Christmas. No matter what you think you have or don't have. Just be. Enjoy the magic of God within you and all around you. Enjoy the magic of being with those you love. And be kind.

This $9 Pink tulle skirt makes me feel like a princess! And wearing a color you wouldn't normally think of for winter is too fun!

Today's Line-up:

Noonday Collection Bracelets

Skirt (Goodwill Treasure Find)

Gap Sweater

Le Tote Cardigan (click here to treat yourself to $25 off your first tote)

Nine West Booties (I found these at Marshalls)

Forever 21 Matador Hat

Free People Sunnies

Elliot Lucca Crossbody