Swimsuit Season is Here!

Swimsuit Season is Here!

First blog post, yay!  With summer in full swing, I thought we'd start with swimwear.  I have curves, and in my current state of fitness I cannot go out and buy any swimsuit and have it perfectly compliment my body. So, for those of you out there with a body similar to mine, one thing you need to know about is "high-waisted swim bottoms!"  For women with curves, they provide great coverage and you can walk around confident that neither your cheeks nor your crack are going to pop out at any second. And go for a print!  Printed suits can hide imperfections like cellulite. SCORE! Pair those bottoms with a simple top, a hat for shade (and a wee bit o' style) - add your fav sunnies and you're set to be poolside all day! This suit cost me under $10!  I'm always on the hunt for a bargain, and I love it when you can save money on "things" so you have more to adventure with!  Links below to help you find this suit or something similar!

Thanks for joining me here at heyshananigans. I hope what you find here encourages you to be a more confident YOU!  Cheers!

Forever 21 Bandeau Bikini Top

I got these bikini bottoms on sale at Target for $2.98.  They are no longer listed on Target's website, but here are a couple options similar to these that won't break the bank:

Blue Fly High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Target Leopard High Waisted Bikini Bottoms