You Are the Universe

You Are the Universe

"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion." - Rumi

Whenever I have the chance to get away with my husband, I think of these words from Rumi who lived so long ago and yet I feel he and I would be good friends.  Routines are good, structure is good, but not when it steals our ability to wonder at all that is around us and all that is within us. Getting away or traveling some place new always invites us to look up and remember that we share this world.  We are a community of humankind.  It's a chance to see the beauty in strangers and to be aware of these simple truths:

they are just as important as me, what I share with this person is far greater than what might divide us, and the best choice of how to treat this person is with kindness and love.  

When we remember to view other people and nature as we do ourselves and not something/someone other than us or separate from us, we can truly see that WE are the universe.  Not as sole individuals, but WE.  So let us remember today to stop acting so small and remember that we are the universe!  And if you're looking to rock this simple romper and my fav clutch of the moment, see links below.

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