Positivity Can Change Life

Positivity Can Change Life

I've been hard on myself most all my life. Perfectionism is not really a good friend.  And that harshness I put on myself becomes the way I view the world and others. My father recently told me that Narcissism wasn't the epitome of  self-love, but instead the epitome of self-hatred. I've thought on those words a lot and it's led me to a quiet place where I've been able to be honest: I'm too hard on myself. Being honest with yourself sets you on a path or direction to accept and love who you are - all that you are - so you can be at peace with yourself.  And when you are at peace with yourself, being at peace with others is like a joy you didn't know you had in you. You'll be giving positivity away without even trying! It is true, positivity can change life! It affects you and the possibilities you can see for yourself, it affects others and (though some may not agree), I believe it affects nature too! So live it up, lighten up, think positive, get out and get going! 

Summer is brutal in Houston! Pair those light rompers with colored bras to give your look a pop! Wear a cross-body while adventuring and don't forget a fun pair of sunnies and sunscreen. Also, if you don't have a pair of Clarks shoes, stop what you're doing and invest.  They've had a wrap as "old lady" walking shoes, but there are a few styles that are on trend.  They are the most comfortable shoes to be walking all day in and they are good quality. I got these at the outlet and on sale. Find your bargains and check out these links for good places to start!

Clarks Perri IslandUrban Outfitters Bralette

This romper is a couple years old, but here are some similar choices: Nordstrom Rack Romper, Forever 21 

I couldn't find this specific cross-body I have online, but here is one similar and close in price to what I paid for mine: Cross-body