I think I've been a flower child my whole life! All of nature leaves me in wonder. I know we all have different inclinations and appreciations when it comes to adventuring in the great out-doors.  But one thing we should try to remember is that we share this earth with all kinds of life.  We should try our best to treat that life with honor and respect just as we do with one another. Let's take good care of our vegetation and animal friends! If you don't already, one thing you might give a try is recycling! You would be surprised at the comparison of your recycle pile vs. your trash pile at the end of each week! 

In Houston, weightless material is a MUST in the summer! That heat and humidity can be unbearable. These pants feel lighter-than-air! They have that flower-child thing going on, so I made sure to keep it simple with the top and made earthy choices for my accessories. Thinking you couldn't pull off wide leg pants, think again! Wide leg pants are a great opportunity to go for print! Let them be the statement of your outfit. And wearing high wedges with them can make your legs look super long! Also, somedays you just want to rock long hair. Currently I'm sporting a shorter "do" for the summer, but thanks to Bellami hair extensions, I can still rock the long locks!

Let's talk about how much we love Anthropologie! However, I cannot afford to shop there all the time. And when I do treat myself there, I most always buy items on sale.  And speaking of that, Anthropologie is running their summer tag sale right now!  So go look on line and see if that item you've been eyeing is waiting for you, ON SALE!

Anthropologie Wide-Legs (these are sold out, similar here)

Silence + Noise Racerback Tank, Target Julie Wedges