Warby Parker

Happy Monday! Let's talk about eyewear!

Warby Parker is my all-time top choice for glasses! I have several pair and so does my husband, Will.

We LOVE them and keep coming back for more.

The process is easy, the prices are good, the style is on-point, and you get to help others too!

How to get started in 3 easy steps:

1. Simply go online to their website and select 5 frames you like. 

2. Depending on availability, Warby Parker will send you those frames for 5 days for FREE! That way you can try on those new frames, ask your friends for input, and decide on the pair for you.

3. No need to pay for the shipping return. Slap on that pre-paid return postage label that Warby Parker provides, and send the box back.

How many times can you do this? As many times as you want! They have a great selection and you won't always find the pair for you in your first set of #warbyhometryons. You can also read on their web-page about "buy a pair, give a pair". It's similar to Toms.

Most of their plastic frames are $99 a pair; that's pretty great for stylish frames! If you're looking for different options, the cost does goes up for metal frames, sunnies, and progressive lenses.

So, if you're a Warby Parker virgin - dive on in, the water's fine!