Because Somedays, You're Killing It!

Because Somedays, You're Killing It!

As a girl, I played dress-up all the time! I could be anyone I wanted to be! 

Truthfully, not much has changed for me :). I still love the opportunity to get dressed up. It can be a great expression of how you're feeling at the moment.  Traveling can be one of the best times to dress up because no one around you knows who you are! If you feel silly, who cares? These people will never see you again! It's like you're a secret agent or something, except less dangerous.

I tried out this look at a hotel with my hubby. It was really fun! This little girl was running down the hallway and when she reached me, she stopped. Her eyes met mine and she said, "You look so pretty"! Then she was off again, running down the hall after her family. At that moment I decided I wanted to be just like her!

What if we all went out of our way to make others feel beautiful and important?! We'd probably be making people feel like they're superstars!

Get your Tuesday on! Be fancy! Be kind and complementary of others! Because somedays, you're killing it!

Also, my skirt and top came from J.Crew Factory and they're running a huge Fourth of July sale right now! Maybe get in some online shopping today or stop by your local store and see if you can find a steal!

J.Crew Factory Racerback Camisole 

Skirt: old (similar: here, or this fun print here)

Shoes: I got these gold, caged heels from OffSaks5th last summer. Similar option here.

The bag is a DKNY I picked up at TJ Maxx a couple years ago. That place is always hit or miss for me, but it's always fun to go and see.

Necklace: on sale at Anthropologie (similar vibe here)

Hat: Forever 21 last fall (similar here)