LOVE and The Fourth of July!

LOVE and The Fourth of July!

This weekend we celebrate! We render our hearts with the United States of America in thankfulness for our country, our home and all those that have given of themselves to protect it. I never really thought about how grateful I am to be an American until I started traveling to different countries. Our lives here truly are afforded so many options and comforts. My wish is that everyone would see how much good there is in our nation. And don't get me started on the men and women who sign up to serve and protect our country! I go speechless because no words could convey the honor they deserve.

The government and rulings of our nation has been a hot topic lately. There will always be two sides to every argument. We talk about positivity and how it will change our lives for the better. But what if we took that positive lifestyle and used it to show love to one another regardless if we agree or disagree? I bet we would find much more in common than we thought possible. Kindness towards one another should be how we live our lives, not trying to prove we're right. Trying to prove you are right all the time is an exhaustion you don't deserve, and more often than not it does not breed good friendships. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.  

Love is beyond right and wrong. Love is the only absolute.

My hope and prayer for the citizens of America is that we would focus most on what we share with one another instead of what separates us. At the end of the day may we BE UNITED.

Now let's talk about what you'll be wearing!! YAY! I'm going with a white out this year and red/white/blue accessories. This striped  bag is my everything/everyday bag! I LOVE IT! You just need those bags that can handle everything going on in your life. Of course, I always have my go-to clutch inside because most times I don't want to haul this bad boy through the mall or book store or grocery store...haha...I just keep trying to think of places I would be. Links below for this outfit and a great local OKC boutique that also has a great online shop. 

You guys be safe this weekend! Take care of one another! Be fabulous and have fun gathering together to celebrate a love that we share for our United States of America! 

Tank, ShortsSunnies, Wedges, Bag:(old, this year's model), NecklaceWatch

Accessories from Blue Seven OKC