Summer Whites and Wisdom

"Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how you see yourself".

This wall of inspiration at Lululemon is one of my favorites! I'm not sure how many people pause for this wall, but every time I see it, I take a moment to soak in gratitude. Gratefulness holds so much power for the ability to see all the good in your life. With this specific quote in mind and how we see ourselves, one of the best lessons I learn over and over is:

How to treat myself with kindness.

It seems simple enough, but true love, true acceptance of yourself means to be grateful for all that you are even if you never become that "perfect" version you hold yourself standard to. That gratefulness in our hearts grows like a quiet confidence that truly activates our ability to appreciate our life, enjoy the moment and show kindness to others. So if you're thinking life sucks, maybe it's time to start with being kinder to yourself and cultivating gratefulness!

Summer whites! I LOVE them! So clean! And it makes you look tan, another summer love ;). I picked up this precious linen dress at Lucky. They were having a 4th of July sale and it was too perfect to pass up! Also, I'm trying this half up hair do and really loving the ease of it.

Happy Tuesday everyone! You guys are awesome!