Pool Days and Summer Reading

Pool Days and Summer Reading

Living in Houston during the summer basically consists of either being inside or being in water. There are no other options because it is so ridiculously hot and humid! And something I enjoy catching up on while I'm at the pool is:


Like actual books. My summer reads this far have been:

1. "Fully Alive" by Timothy Shriver (I laughed and cried in this book. It was so refreshing to say the least!)

2. Signs of the Unseen, The Discourses of Jalaluddin Rumi (I read little bits of this book at a time and chew on his insight.)

3. 30 AD by Tedd Dekker (Half way through this novel. Pretty great.)

Once this book is through, I'll be on the hunt for the next one! So if you have a book you're loving, let me know!

Also, still rocking the high waisted swim bottoms. I really like them! This classic black suit is one from J Crew. And totally adding splashes of color with these sandals that feel like gellies (Throwback to being a kid) and this striped bag a friend picked up for me! Oh and I have a bruise on my left leg from another dog at the dog park that was really playful :).

Ready for this life-hack? Ever see a girl at the pool and say, "man, she looks so fancy and cool!"? Well, it's just because she's wearing a gold necklace. Just go on Etsy and find a little gold necklace you like and then wear it to the pool. Bam! It will look great on your tan and will make you look a bit fancy too. You're welcome.

Hope you all are keeping cool this summer and taking mind adventures with your summer reads!