Grace Kelly Ain't Got Nuthin'

Grace Kelly Ain't Got Nuthin'

Today is my mom's birthday! Hands down, the queen of natural beauty! So dreamy! 

Can we talk about her STYLE?! It's perfect. And that hair! That's movie star hair.

Most times we think only within our lifetime. Or we basically take all the credit for any chance of our parents being cool. But I look back at pictures of my mom before I was born and I see this adventurer, this light that invented BEING AWESOME. She's strong, wise and laughs out loud even when no one's around.

From a young age, my mom taught me everything a person needs to really live a full life: limitless imagination, confidence, the love and reverence of all life, and kindness. There's like a million other things I learned from my mom, but these are lessons I saw in everything we did together.

Cheers to you mom! My real life Disney Princess, my laugh about anything partner, and the greatest story teller of all time. No matter the situation, you find the fun! I love everything about you! Happy Birthday!