Our Crossfit Fam!

It's good to be back! William and I had a wonderful extended weekend for the Fourth of July!

Holidays and celebrations usually mean I'm eating and drinking items that are not on my "clean eating" list.

With this in mind, let me take this opportunity after a burgers/hotdogs holiday weekend to tell you about the gift of Crossfit! I have been active pretty much my whole life. I grew up dancing, swimming and tumbling. I continued dance through college but never have I been a weight lifter. UNTIL NOW! Crossfit is an all-over workout that involves high intensity training utilizing olympic lifts, body weight, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and a whole lot of mental power. William and I found Behemoth Crossfit in Houston through a high-school friend. She encouraged us to give it a try and we've been hooked! 8 months and counting! What we have found at Behemoth is a community, not just a gym. People that truly care about you. People that push you to succeed in whatever fitness goals you have. I tell Will all the time how this place makes me feel like I'm a kid again playing on the playground with others. No one is judging you, no one cares if your hair is perfect or what you're wearing. All that matters is what we are all participating in together. It is absolutely freeing! 

I encourage all of you to get out and get going! Be active, no matter your fancy! Being active and eating clean will help you live a full life! Even if you just decide to start walking around the block, every step counts!

Thanks to our Behemoth Fam! We love you guys! We are so thankful for your support and kindness!

For more info, check out Behemoth's website and Facebook Page!

And the infamous, Aryan Barto of Behemoth Photography for these amazing pics! Like his Facebook Page and follow him on Instagram.