Take it to The MAX!

Take it to The MAX!

I'm alive!! Being sick is so boring! And after 2 weeks of feeling just awful, I'm finally on my way to feeling like myself again. Whew! 

This week on the blog, we'll be going over a few of my favorite maxi skirts! I know other places of the country are preparing for fall to come, but here in Houston the heat is still ROARING! Wearing maxi skirts helps me at least pretend fall is coming soon while still giving me plenty of breathing room :). Another thing that helps me beckon fall is berry lips! They're so - ooo la la!  

Can we talk about this whole denim skirt thing going on right now?! Not sure how on board I am with it yet. So, this is my take on the denim-ish skirt trend. This skirt was made by my grandmother for my mom back in her twenties. I think it rocks and have kept up the good fight to see that it lives on! However, listed below is one from Anthropologie that I think I would be willing to give a try. Still loving this hat from Urban Outfitters! Especially over dirty/messy braid hair days. Picked up this simple necklace at Francesca's. Still a fan of gladiator sandals and a proud member of the 'Arm Bangles Forever' club. And these perfect vintage clip-ons were picked up at a yard sale by my sweet college roomie! 

You might be asking, "hey shananigans, what's with the guitar case?". Well, dear friends, my husband and I have music degrees and have a singer/songwriter duo called: The Songwriters Co. If you're ever interested you could look us up on Facebook/Youtube/our website (www.thesongwriters.co). Also, it's an ode to Julie Andrews! One of the MANY MANY MANY movies I watched whilst being at home sick the past two weeks was 'The Sound of Music'. I just love the 'I Have Confidence' scene!

Missed you boos! It's good to be back! Happy Monday!

Here's that denim skirt you could look into if you're dying to give this trend a try ;)