Travel Log: WinterPark

Happy August and welcome back to Hey Shananigans!

William and I had the most incredible adventures and I'm stoked to share them with you this week!

Our first stop - attending a family reunion in Winter Park, CO. Here we hiked, biked and enjoyed Winter Park Village. It just so happened that we were in Winter Park last year this time. They have this whole extreme biking festival thing going on. Will was pretty hard core. He did some downhill biking that would have had me crapping my pants. Thankfully he took a day off to join me on a more scenic ride :)! ...A scenic ride that turned into biking off the trail on this really hard black slope but I lived! Colorado weather and scenery is sometimes too amazing for me to handle. Just stupid refreshing and beautiful!

Call me a tourist but I really enjoyed walking the Winter Park Village during the festival! Goody's was the perfect spot to grab ice cream and then walk down to see the professional bikers doing their thing! I was so inspired I even bought this biker style hat that gave me special powers to do professional bike stunts...or wait, maybe that part wasn't real, oh well. I highly recommend going to Winter Park during this time of year and planning to be at this festival. It was the perfect summer refresher!