The Perfect Tan in 5 Easy Steps!

The Perfect Tan in 5 Easy Steps!

Not everyone has time to spend all summer in the sun to get that perfect glowy-tan. You may even have skin preserving reasons you choose not to spend time in the sun. I am totally a sunscreen advocate for adventuring outdoors! But if you're still craving that tan and you're not sure where to get started with self-tanners, your search is OVER!! 

I've tried several self-tanners over the years, but this one tops the cake! It gives that deep tan without any orange coloring. Each application lasts me about a week. St. Tropez has several different options in their self-tanning line, but this one works best for me. This blue bottle is the "Express Bronzing Mousse". I have found that the mousse applies more evenly than the lotions. 1 hour gives you a healthy glow, 2 hours give you a golden bronze and 3 hours of development give you a dark tan. I frequent the 2 hour development time but the great thing is that it's totally up to you and the look you are trying to achieve.

To get started, all you need is: a good moisturizer, rubber gloves and the tanning mousse.

Here's to getting your tan on in 5 easy steps

1. Moisturize all the areas you plan to apply the tanning mousse! This is key to making sure you don't get any weird stains on your knees, elbows, belly-button, armpits, face, anywhere! It's totally up to you, but I always shave first too. And I apply Aveeno's daily moisturizer EVERYWHERE that way no matter what, I'm covered.

2. Put on your rubber gloves. I get mine at Sally's Beauty Supply for cheap.

3. Pump the tanning mousse onto your gloves and apply evenly to all desired areas. I usually start with my legs. Very lightly going over my feet and knees. Making sure to rub in the mousse completely. I then work my way up to my face. Again, lightly going over my armpits and elbows. When you get to your face, don't apply over your lip. Do not apply on your eyebrow or under your eyebrow on your eye lid. Lightly go over your nose. Make sure to rub the mousse up lightly into your hair line. And lightly brush over your ears. All areas that have creases are ones you want to lightly go over while larger muscly areas you can spend more time rubbing in the product.

4. Hands! After covering your body and face, it's time to take off the gloves. After doing so, re-apply moisturizer to your hands and wrists. Next apply a small (dime sized) amount of tanning mousse onto the back of one of your hands. Using the back of your other hand, rub the tanning mousse into the hand where you applied. Make sure to blend into the top of your wrist and ever so lightly across the tops of your fingers. Now switch hands. With any small amount of left over mousse that is being blended, use the backs of your hands to lightly rub over the insides of your wrists. Under no circumstances are you to apply the tanning mousse in between your fingers or on the palms of your hands!   

5. Now you can put on grungy clothes and sit for the desired length of time to allow your tan to develop. Don't go outside or do anything that would cause you to sweat. This could cause your tan to smear and therefore not develop evenly. Also be aware that the level of tan that you look like with the mousse on is a darker reflection of what your tan will actually be. After you have reached your desired tan level, shower off. Voila! You've got the perfect self-tan!

Hope you guys have a chance to try this out! It's my favorite! Much love to you all and may you have the most beautiful tans ever! xoxo!

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