Travel Log: Montana in Stripes!

Travel Log: Montana in Stripes!


Loved the chance to sport some cooler weather clothes and I love the fun that striped shirts and sweaters bring to an outfit! Sweaters, closed toe shoes, and long sleeve shirts in the summer?!! YES, PLEASE! 

Also, wanted to share with you about these red kicks! They are similar to chucks but they make me feel more European. And who doesn't love to feel a bit European about themselves? (see links below)

Montana, what a state! You know that feeling when you stand before an ocean and you feel like you're falling in love with the ocean? As if it is somehow a part of you? Well, I can honestly say I thought I would never feel that way about land. Until Montana stole my heart! When you live in a concrete jungle like Houston, it's hard to remember how amazing the experience of earth is. I was absolutely captivated by the beauty of Montana in it's land, mountains, weather and tranquility. I'm sure winters can be brutally cold, but the summertime was totally refreshing!

Here we visited Will's dad's family and learn about some of their history in Montana. Pretty amazing! There's even a Stucky street named after Will's great-great grandfather! Evidently Stuckys are a big deal in Montana :)! We stopped to take a pic with the Stucky sign and found it absolutely appropriate to be at the corner of Stucky and Discovery. One of my favorite things to do with my husband is explore new discoveries. Life with William is an adventure, one I am so thankful to live!

Dark Jeans, Light Jeans, Striped Shirt, Necklace, Gola Red Shoes

Toms Tribal Shoes (These are the winter version. Here is a similar summer version.)

Striped Sweater (Super Sale from Marshalls)