Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

"The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine

I love making big plans to see the "famous" sights of the world, but I hold dear all the spaces in between too. All of life is important.

Sometimes we get in a groove of life moving from one event to the next, forgetting that each moment is equally as great as the next. And all of those moments together are what make up a life.

Will and I road tripped to Springdale, AR this last weekend to celebrate the wedding of two miraculous people we love so dearly. It was a 10 hour drive one way. It was tiring, but I wouldn't trade these types of trips for anything.

This trip Will and I sang our hearts out to songs we've sung a thousand times and ones we'd never heard. We found tree farms that took our breath away. We found 4 shiny brand new pennies! We saw trees that were so close together, the tops of them looked like clouds you could walk out on. And we found this wonderful wall of art in this super small town down an alley that seemed like nothing special - the perfect hidden gem!

Wearing as much white as I can because even though I still wear white after Labor Day, I have this inner voice that feels like a dead line is coming. Having a pressed denim shirt and a hat to cover my 2nd day hair always helps me feel put together with little effort. Find this denim shirt in link below. 

Here's to your life! All of it! The moments that feel epic and the ones that feel insignificant. The ups and downs are what makes your life a good story! Enjoy the ride! Much love to you all! xoxo!

Denim Shirt