How to: Rent the Runway!

How to: Rent the Runway!

Ever have that problem where you spend way too much money buying a new dress for an occasion that you'll never wear again?! Problem solved. For almost 3 years now, I've been using Rent the Runway anytime I have an event that I'd like to look fancy for but don't want to go out and break the bank on a new dress/outfit.

Here's how it works:

1. Go online and create a profile. Browse through a large selection of dresses and accessories and make your selection. Read reviews on the dress before you make your decision.

2. Pick the number of days you'd like to rent your rocking selection. And add the FREE second size option. This is great because if you are sometimes between sizes, you can be confident having two size options. Be sure to order your dress to arrive 1 to 2 days prior to your event just to be sure. Sometimes mail can be delayed due to whatever is happening in the universe.

3. After making your payment, the gig is on! You will receive a confirmation email.

4. Receive your glamorous selection and rock the crap out of it at your special occasion! No need for laundering. Place the rented items back in the provided bag and follow the instructions that came with your package.

5. Send item/items back using the provided shipping label to your local UPS store.

That's it! Easy peasy! Now you don't have to buy a bunch of clothes you'll only wear once! Just rent a new outfit for less than or equal to what you would pay for the new outfit you're going to buy anyway. I learned this from a fab friend in Tulsa and I've been hooked ever since.

Ciao darlings! xoxo!