Blue Magic!

Blue Magic!

"By choosing to be our most authentic and loving self, we leave a trail of magic everywhere we go". - Emmanuel Dagher

Let's talk about magic! Life is full of it when we choose to live each day with wonder and curiosity in our hearts! I believe wonder is born out of gratitude (which we talked about on Tuesday). And curiosity comes from giving yourself permission to explore. Exploring can encompass a broad range of experiences. It can certainly and most commonly be referring to new locations. But I would like to direct our attention to the exploration of the heart.

Knowing yourself; loving yourself is a treasured feat. It takes time and a quietness to hear and learn an appreciation of what your heart has to say. You have to allow yourself to remove all expectations of what "should be". Babies are perfect examples to teach us how to listen well to our own hearts. They have no concept of what "should be". They've not yet learned anyone else or culture's opinion of the world or themselves. Those voices have no room in their minds or hearts. This is how we should view ourselves. Removed from any other voice that would project what you "should be". This is to believe that what/who you are is not enough. Soaking in the voice of love and kindness is the only way to give your heart enough room to speak. And when that happens, joy always follows!

Give yourself this gift today. It sets the mood for how you move forward. You'll have patience with yourself and others as you live this day. You'll show up in the moment like you were meant to be there. Go confidently into your day! Spread the magic and brighten up the world around you!

You guys, I am seriously crushing on this blue color! Hence the blue shoes from Tuesday and today's all blue look! This dress is courtesy of Le Tote (coupon code below). It's seriously the best/cheapest way to keep your closet updated on trends and to try new things without having to pay an arm and a leg to own it all. Just rent the products through Le Tote! These booties are Matt Bernson and the leather is so soft it feels like you'r not even wearing shoes! And those gold toes, to die for! Still loving the ease of this Noonday Collection tote and still a proud member of Arm Bangles Forever. Got these lovelies on sale at Anthropologie. They're having an extra 30% off sale items, so hurry! 

Annnnnnnd, planning to sport this look to my college roommate/bestie's rehearsal dinner on Friday night! A blue haloooooooo to you all! (not sure what this term means, but it's something awesome I just made up - promise it means all good things). And so happy that this look is topping off my 100th Instagram post @hey_shananigans! Thank you all for the muchas love and support! Cheers! Happy Friday Eve! xoxo!

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Matt Bernson Booties (These are so hard to come by now because they were last year's collection. I bought these on sale at Anthro, but they no longer carry them. Just look him up tho. He does good work!)

Anthropologie bangles (No longer online, but get to your local store and scope out the sale section!)