Blushing Blue and Grateful Too!

Blushing Blue and Grateful Too!

"You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. Where they go; where they've been". - Forrest Gump

I have to say that I am extremely fortunate to own shoes beyond the functional need of them. We Americans really should be the happiest people on earth because we are some of the most fortunate. If you have never traveled to a far less fortunate country, I encourage you to do so. It can certainly put your entire life in perspective. My husband posted something on Facebook the other day about 4 things that will cultivate happiness in your life. One of those four things was: GRATITUDE

I am 100 percent an advocate of Gratitude! It sometimes makes me so happy, I cry. You should try it! Especially if you start feeling overwhelmed and like it's the worst day ever, just stop and practice gratitude. Don't try and change your emotions, just starting listing all the good things in your life. I swear it's like magic. Next thing you know, you'll start to feel happy and grateful. Not just grateful for the "stuff" you have but for all the good in ALL of life: relationships, sunshine, cool breezes on a hot day, food in your tummy, a roof over your head, the planets, unicorns, strength, wellness, stars, animals, all good things!

Happiness comes from realizing how awesome life already is and being grateful for it. 

I'm absolutely swooning over these blue, soft, leather pumps by Kenneth Cole! Putting them on makes you feel like Cinderella (after she becomes the princess). I'm also really loving this blush color and the fringe trend! And I was so delighted to find this combo in this clutch! It's perfect, and suede. AND it was under $30! Another trend I love is the jogger pants! They're like kinda sporty, but super comfy and can be dressed up to look super chic. Who knew?! These puppies are a Forever 21 find. The sunnies are men's from J. Crew and the top is courtesy of Le Tote! Links below and if you aren't part of the Le Tote phenomenon, catch your coupon code below to get $25 off your first tote and give it a try!

These Blue Perfect Shoes

Fringe bag: I found this in the Off Saks 5th Ave. Outlet. They don't have this listed online but here are a few fringe options they have online.

Jogger Pants

Click here for $25 off your first tote from Le Tote!

Happy Tuesday Shoesday everyone! Cheers! xoxo!