Oceans Deep

"Humanity's knowledge of outter space is greater than our knowledge of our own oceans" - My husband, Will, watched a documentary on The Discovery Channel where they discussed this topic. It blew my mind! The fact that we as humanity have more studies and information on that which exists outside of our planet vs what exists here on our planet. I shared this with someone on the boat and she said, "maybe it's easier to look up than look deep". Her words are still with me as I think about this phrase applying to so much more than space and oceans. How long has humanity found it easier to look up vs look deep? Today If you're finding yourself desperately looking up for help or guidance, I wanted to encourage you to look deep within yourself for that strength and peace. Our loving source of life is "God with us" and "God within us". You already posses everything you need. You are oceans deep!

This Labor Day weekend has had me running behind this week! But for good reason :). I went deep sea fishing on a ladies trip and had the most relaxing and fun time! We caught fish, played games and let ourselves be mesmerized and reset by the ocean. We laughed till we literally peed our pants and never wore make-up! We saw dolphins, big ships and a water spout (which is like a mini water tornado). Totally wonderful to be with this group of ladies!

Hope you all had the best Labor Day Weekend! Xoxo!