I See You Ponytail!

It's Monday! You don't have time to fix your hair! So, what do you do? You ponytail!

I dug into my rocker vibes with this watercolor dress. And it's officially time for the booties to come out and play! Classic black booties and clutch help ground this dress. Throwing on the denim shirt makes it more functional and casual. It's still too hot in Houston for me to be wearing pants, but I dream of fall blowing in soon!

This dress is courtesy of Le Tote! If you still haven't tried this amazing way to keep your closet updated for the best price, here's a link for $25 toward your first tote! Again, super simple: shop, rent, return, repeat! And if you really really want, you keep.

$25 Le Tote Credit

Here's to your Mondays! Hope this week gets off to a fun start for you all! Cheers! Xoxo!