Bootie Time and Le Tote!

Bootie Time and Le Tote!

Bootie Time With Le Tote!

Fall is inching around the corner and I am welcoming it with open arms! One thing is for sure, it's time to get out your booties! They are the best because you can wear them with ANYTHING! Pants, shorts, skirts, leggings - all of it! They come in all colors, but if you're just starting your bootie game, invest in a pair of black and a pair of brown. Also, long-sleeve t-shirt dresses are my fav fall transition piece this year! Welcome to the most comfortable way to look put-together! Throw on your go-to accessories with a pair of booties and bam! You're looking FABULOUS! And if you're ready to take it to the next level above that, go pretty neutral on your look (yes black can be a neutral) and then add a pop of color. I chose yellow, because it makes me happy!

I was elated this week to have this look featured by Le Tote on their Instagram account and by the amazing We Are Beautiful blog at!! 

These booties and hat are my own. The booties are Nine West and the hat is Urban Outfitters. But the rest of the look is all thanks to Le Tote! 

If you haven't heard of Le Tote, your day is about to get a lot better! Le Tote is this wonderful online closet where you can rent clothes. Just:

- Create your profile

- Shop their closet and mark your favorites

- Le Tote will send your tote to your house along with return shipping

- Wear all items in your tote for however long you want

- Send back items you don't want to keep

- Repeat!


The tote option I chose is $50 a month. NOT $50 per tote. I can receive and send back totes as many times as I want each month and it will only ever cost me $50. If I reeeally like an item and decide that I want to keep it, I just go online and see how much Le Tote is selling that item for and then I simply do not return it when I send my tote back in. It's pretty incredible!  

ANND, use this link to get $25 toward your first tote!

Links for outfit:
Striped Dress


Cheers! xoxo! 

- Shannon Stucky