Andalossi Leather

Andalossi Leather

Happy Monday! William and I left for Germany on Saturday, but I still plan to have a great line-up for you guys this week!

When you're slumming it in your leggings and warmer winter wear, a few things can pull your look together and give you that "effortless style" effect. They are:

1. Lipstick (it's so much more powerful than you think). I'm always down for a red-lip but I tend to add a hint of berry during the winter months. I mix Revlon's Matte Balm in Fiery and Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Plum Velour to get the perfect berry lips!

2. A purse that says, "look at me, look at me!". This little red number is by Andalossi. Such beautiful, colorful bags! You should check them out. 

3. A really great hat: Seriously, no one will ever know how long you've been without washing your hair! It's awesome! And I've been LIVING in this Wooly Colorblock hat from Urban Outfitters. You should get it and live in it too!

4. Think contour: Give yourself some shape. If you go bulky on top then have more stream lined bottoms. This vest from J. Crew has bungee cords on the inside to cinch at the waist. I like it a lot! It helps show you're more than just a puffy marshmallow! lol! They didn't make this version this year, but it's just a small thing to look for when buying any puffer vests - check for the bungees!

Go out and crush it this Monday! Lots of love to you all! xoxo!