Mercury Retrograde

January is full of resolutions. What sometimes we forget when we set out to make these resolutions is possibly the process or pain that comes with it. We'll make plans and resolutions but after weeks of feeling like we're getting nowhere with them, we tend to give up. During this time of year the planet Mercury literally slows down and appears to be moving backwards, sound familiar? Then is repositions itself to return to its orbit. What I want to encourage you in today is that even if you're feeling like you're moving backwards or not gaining any ground, it doesn't mean that nothing is happening. Keep at the resolutions you've made.

It's easy to 'react' to life. Anyone can be happy because something awesome happened, or sad or angry and frustrated at whatever the circumstances may be. But to be pro-active and create takes patience, discipline and belief.

You wouldn't plant a tree and then pull it out of the ground the very next day just because you couldn't SEE its growth from one day to the next. Shoot, to watch the growth of a tree takes a lifetime! Why then be so hard on yourself and hold yourself to such unrealistic expectations of growth/productivity? Don't give up on yourself. Don't give up on that thing that keeps circling back around - that thing you would really love to do, or feel like you're meant to do. It may take a lifetime of learning, reassessing, and moving forward. You may have to find what pain you're willing to endure to watch it come to pass. But don't let fear or discouragement tell you that you're not worth the process.

All my love to you guys! William and I are loving the Netherlands and Germany! Can't wait to share about our trip when we get back.


Did you know that from January 5-25 is Mercury Retrograde? It's something physically that happens with the planet Mercury during this time, but I thought it was a great parallel for what maybe some of us experience during the month of January. Here is an article explaining what happens during Mercury Retrograde: 

"When the planet Mercury falls into retrograde, it will appear to slow down, stop and move backwards for some days in the night sky, gradually changing direction and moving forward to its regular orbit. This phenomenon has to do with the relative speed of earth as well as their relationship with each other during a particular point in their orbit around the sun.

How does this influence us? Mercury Retrograde occurs when it is moving backwards into its shadow, so all things of communication, scheduling, transportation, technology, and logical judgement tend to become cloudy or error prone. If you find yourself 'reacting' to events or people in ways you normally don't, take some time to center yourself and refocus. Centering yourself throughout the day will help you to be consciously aware of moments where you may be tempted to respond in ways that is out of your character.

Mercury retrograde is a time to reconnect, reflect and replenish yourself. Reconnect with unfinished projects, you may find the creative inspiration to see it through to it's completion, where you may have been stuck prior. Reflect on old journals, you may find hidden messages and wisdom that may benefit you somehow in the present moment. Make time in nature to replenish and renew your energy fields. Natures energy is very healing and therapeutic. This retrograde is a great time to replenish your energy and start fresh, as we begin a new year of unlimited possibilities."

- @oracle_of_light  (Instagram user)