Travel Log: Saarlouis, Germany

Travel Log: Saarlouis, Germany

William and I are officially back from Europe and this week I'm excited to share with you all the places we went and all of what we did! We only spent one day and one night in Saarlouis, Germany but it was a charming little town with very kind people. We arrived Sunday morning in Amsterdam and then drove the 5-ish hours through Belgium to Saarlouis. We saw some of the most beautiful country side all covered in snow, and quaint little towns with beautiful old churches. Our pics from Germany are not that great. We spent the least amount of time here and most of our pics were taken from the car as we were zooming down the highway.

However, I wanted to give you all a full recap of our entire trip. And if you decide to visit this town, you should stay at Victor's! Victor's was very nice, clean, had free wifi, a great breakfast buffet, and just a short 15min walk into the town square.

We arrived in Saarlouis Sunday night and after going to a nice local restaurant, we crashed pretty hard at the hotel. The next morning we were treated to quite an extensive breakfast buffet spread and then checked out of the hotel. Will dropped me off in town while he went off to work. And woooo - that was an experience I'd not want to repeat! Not because the town was bad but I froze a bit and no one spoke English. I didn't venture far because I am actually a huge advocate of the "buddy system". But I handled it like a champ! I stuck to the main streets and got by with speaking the very little German I know :).

My favorite phrase was, "Tschüss" or (choos). It means, "bye". And people used it anytime you went out the door. I really liked how people in Germany always say hello and goodbye to everyone! Sometimes Americans just ignore each other. I think I'll make more of an effort to say hello and goodbye to strangers :). Lesson learned Germany, thank you! Have a fab day everyone!

Tschüss! Xoxo!