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Fall Fahsion Tips

Shannon StuckyComment
Fall Fahsion Tips

I'm told we're having unseasonably warm weather for this time of year. I don't know, I always just think of Houston as being hotter than anywhere else, haha! So I'm never surprised when it's still high 80 to 90 degree temps! With that in mind, I do have some suggestions on how to create the feel of a fall wardrobe even when it doesn't feel like it outside :).

create that fall feel by:

1. Have a bangin' felt hat!

Nothing says "fall" or "I'm somewhat outdoorsy but fashionable about it" more!

2. Get a leather tote/carry-all!

They are an investment, but you won't regret it. Any color would do, just pick your fancy! Plus, it's a fashionable way to hide all the shit you carry around every day while you're being a champ at life!

3. Wear darker, warmer colors!

Think "yummy" colors like maroons, charcoal grey, deep greens, caramels.

4. Wear the crap out of dark lipstick!

You basically want to look like you dipped your lips in some deep, dark berries! Brookside candies anyone?! I bet you could just eat a ton of those and your lips would look perfect cuz it's berries and chocolate! Who could argue with that?!

5. Bring a sweater with you!

Don't wear it, just have it WITH you. It gives the illusion that you would put it on, you know, like in real fall weather. Put it in your great leather tote! Plus, Houston has this thing where it freezes out its restaurants, so you'll need it inside way before you need it outside.