How to Make My Mema's Cashew Crunch

How to Make My Mema's Cashew Crunch

Looking for something heartfelt to give your Valentine?! Make her some candy!! I love this anytime of year. Treat your hunny!

My amazing grandmother took the time recently to share with me how to make her "Cashew Crunch"! No offense to peanut brittle, but this is way more delish ;). Let's get started!

Ingredients:          1 Cup of chopped cashews

                                      1 Cup of sugar

                                      2 Sticks of butter


Directions:           - Chop cashews (if not already bought that way).

                                     - Heat butter in pan until melted. (Or sit out butter until it's mush.)

                                     - Combine butter, sugar and cashews into pan and start heat on 6 or medium to medium-high.

                                     - Be sure to wear a heat guard on your hand while stirring as it can get quite warm.

                                     - Stir the mixture for about 6 minutes.

                                     - This is the tricky part. The mixture should start to bubble. It will get thicker and harder to stir. Then it will start to change to a                                                  caramel color.

                                     - The longer you stir the darker it will get. And the darker it gets, the more crunchy it gets. I personally prefer it not to break my                                                  teeth so I only like about 5 to 6 minutes of stirring.

                                     - Next dump the mixture onto a non-greased cookie sheet. (there is plenty of butter in it for non-stick purposes)

                                     - Before allowing it to cool, take a pizza cutter and run it over the mixture in whatever shape you would like your pieces to be in.                                                 The pizza cutter will not go all the way through, but making your indentions will help once it's cooled.

                                     - Take a paper towel and wipe down the spread out mixture. This helps to make them not so greasy. And as you break it apart after                                           it has cooled, use a paper towel to wipe down each piece.  

                                     - Place on wax paper and enjoy!

Now you'll be able to wow your lovie this Valentine's Day with home-made candy!

Cheers you love birds! xoxo!