Miss Independent in Utrecht with Le Tote

Today's blog is dedicated to any girl that adventures on her own. There were several days that William had to work which left me to go it alone. After being married for 4 years, you forget what it's like to go places by yourself. Especially new places out of your element and where everything is unfamiliar. At first it was scary, but with each day I spent alone in Utrecht (The Netherlands), my confidence deepened.

All of a sudden I became extremely aware of everything and everyone around me. When I'm with Will, I tend to rest in the fact that he usually knows where we're going. But on my own in a new place, I really had to pay attention. Each day I ventured a bit farther and discovered more. And while I love life with William and every moment we spend together is precious, I consider the days I was on my own a gift.

Somethings I learned during my days in Utrecht:

1. Blanket scarves are the real deal! Everyone wears them and they are necessary to keep warm. I picked up this Jacquard Melange Scarf from Zara and while I don't need it now that I'm back in Houston, it's a keeper for sure!

2. Friendliness is EVERYTHING! Just smile and say "hallo"! The friendlier you are, the more grace and patience people will have toward you.

3. Le Tote is still the bomb! I was able to stay stylish and warm in this Piped Car Coat from Le Tote! If you haven't tried Le Tote yet, you'll flip for this cost-effective way to keep your closet stocked! Click HERE for $25 off your first tote!

4. Always wear gloves that the wind cannot blow through and always carry several 50 cent coins. It costs 50 cents to go to the bathroom everywhere you go!

So, to wrap it up: here's to you beautiful, independent women that explore this amazing world! I commend your strength and bravery!      

And big news! Due to having so much to tell you about our travels to Europe, there will be 5 blog posts this week! FIVE!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday! xoxo!