Noonday's Spring Line 2016: The Terracotta Rope Necklace

Noonday's Spring Line 2016: The Terracotta Rope Necklace

Time to up our ethical fashion game! Something I really love about fashion these days is the emergence of companies who want to do more than make something awesome, they want to give back to others and help where help is needed. Noonday Collection is my current fav ethical fashion jewelry and accessory line! Their products are beautiful and unique! Click HERE to get shopping! These pieces featured here are everyday pieces for me that I could wear every day and would go with any outfit:

Made with love in Haiti, this Terracotta Rope Necklace is one extra long necklace that can be wrapped and worn at different lengths.

And now for my favorite accessories of all time: ARM BANGLES! The triangle looking one is the Rarity Cuff, made of ethically harvested water buffalo horn in Vietnam. The chain-link looking one is the Wandering Steps Bracelet, also made from similar materials in Vietnam. And last but certainly not least, this Angled Brass Cuff is too precious not to own or give to a loved one! Priced at just $38 and made in Kenya, it's the perfect cuff that will stand alone or layer with any of your other fav arm bangles. A brief warning tho, it runs a bit small, so make sure to check the dimensions online before you buy this precious little guy :).

As for the rest of this super casual and functional outfit:

The tunic is Le Tote and incredibly comfortable. I'm currently living in it.

The Hat is Forever 21

The shoes are Dolce Vita Alpha flats from last year.

And the bag is a gem my mom brought back from Turkey. Etsy is full of kilim bags, you're bound to find one you love!


Again, Noonday Collection is a fair trade jewelry and accessory line that partners with talented artisan entrepreneurs to help provide jobs in some of the world's most vulnerable communities. Their products are made all over the world in countries like: Vietnam, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Haiti, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico. Each piece is so unique and a lot of times they are made from recycled materials that are readily available in those locations.

I can't stress enough how important the work is that Noonday is facilitating. Real women, who have had nothing are being brought into a community and taught a beautiful trade and are able to earn a sustainable income. Their website is full of stories and information for you to read up on. You will be amazed!

With Noonday you can rest assured that while you style yourself and others, you are helping change the world!