Noonday's Spring Line 2016: Trends from Ethiopia

Noonday's Spring Line 2016: Trends from Ethiopia

I am continually fascinated by the stories of Noonday Collection and the tales of how their pieces are constructed. Made from recycled artillery metals these silver gems are just beautiful and perfect for layering!

The best kept secret is how they look from the back! I can't wait for spring and summer months where I can wear my hair up with these beautiful threaded strings that hang down in the back. It's actually a really cool feature of the necklace itself that allows you to shorten or elongate the necklace. They would be beautiful as stand alone pieces or layered like I have them here.

The bracelet I'm wearing is actually the Discs and Pearls Necklace that I wrapped around my wrist to make a bracelet.   

The longest necklace you see is the Tasseled Charm Necklace and has the red string in back, priced at $34.

The mid-length necklace you see is the Half Moon Necklace with the blue string in back, also priced at $34. 

The almost choker length necklace is the Navigation Necklace made in Vietnam, and priced at $32.


Again, Noonday Collection is a fair trade jewelry and accessory line that partners with talented artisan entrepreneurs to help provide jobs in some of the world's most vulnerable communities. Their products are made all over the world in countries like: Vietnam, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Haiti, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico. Each piece is so unique and a lot of times they are made from recycled materials that are readily available in those locations.

I can't stress enough how important the work is that Noonday is facilitating. Real women, who have had nothing are being brought into a community and taught a beautiful trade and are able to earn a sustainable income. Their website is full of stories and information for you to read up on. You will be amazed!

With Noonday you can rest assured that while you style yourself and others, you are helping change the world!

Hope you all are having a fabulous hump day! xoxo!