Noonday's Spring Line 2016: Made with Love in Uganda

Noonday's Spring Line 2016: Made with Love in Uganda

If you remember nothing else from this week, I hope you remember this word: OPPORTUNITY. It's what you're giving others each time you purchase something from Noonday Collections. Opportunity for those in the most vulnerable of communities to build a life, not just survive it. 

My heart is full as I share the story of Bukenya - the story of a young man from Uganda who went from orphaned and homeless to homeowner with a family. A staggering 80 percent of adults aged 20-24 in Uganda remain unemployed. Bukenya worked many odd jobs after aging out of the orphanage at 16. He was living with his expectant fiancée in the slums when he met the owners of Noonday's artisan group in Kampala. It was soon discovered that Bukenya was talented in his workmanship and a wonderful problem solver. After joining the Noonday community, Bukenya and his wife have since had their baby, moved into a house, married, bought land of their own and are now making plans for their future.

This company is making a difference! And you do too with every purchase!

This Embira Accent Necklace is perfect for spring! Priced at just $42, it makes it the perfect gift or addition to your collection.

The Rarity Cuff and Arched Brass Cuff can be found in posts earlier from this week,

The cuff I am wearing by itself is the Etched Marble Bracelet and is made in Vietnam.


Again, Noonday Collection is a fair trade jewelry and accessory line that partners with talented artisan entrepreneurs to help provide jobs in some of the world's most vulnerable communities. Their products are made all over the world in countries like: Vietnam, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Haiti, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico. Each piece is so unique and a lot of times they are made from recycled materials that are readily available in those locations.

I can't stress enough how important the work is that Noonday is facilitating. Real women, who have had nothing are being brought into a community and taught a beautiful trade and are able to earn a sustainable income. Their website is full of stories and information for you to read up on. You will be amazed!

With Noonday you can rest assured that while you style yourself and others, you are helping change the world!