Travel Log: More Amsterdam Travels

On our last day in Amsterdam we checked off a few more "must see" places. We started off at the Heineken Experience. Again, we made sure to purchase our tickets online and we were sure glad we did when we showed up! It was freezing outside and the line was pretty long. When you have your ticket on your phone, you simply enter the door to the left of the line and voila - you're inside, warm and on your way! They have a free coat check which I recommend because we walked around for about 3 hours and it was nice to be hands free. They did a great job of making it interactive and Will became a certified Heineken pourer! We were also taught the "right" way to drink Heineken beer. Evidently I've been doing it wrong. You're supposed to take big, manly gulps that way you get past the foam which is not as tasty as the beer itself. Good to remember :). 

Next we walked to Dam Square. This is the big governmental building you see. Can we talk about how this building have unicorns on it?! With gold horns!!! I'm pretty sure we need more beautiful buildings in the USA with unicorns on them! We saw Madame Tussauds, from the outside - but still! And of course, when in Amsterdam, we saw "coffee shops" and "the red light district" which is all legal there. Agree or disagree it is what it is in their country and you can read up on it in guide books before you venture into these on your own.

Thank you all for joining me this week on our trip to Europe. We had the best time! Not fully recovered sleep wise, but we'll get there. Cheers to your weekends! And if you ever have any questions about traveling to The Netherlands don't hesitate to ask :).