Travel Log: Zaanse Schans, The Windmill Village!

Grab your coffee and stay a while - lots of photos to go through today :). If you're ever in Amsterdam, it is totally worth taking the train over to Zaanse Schans to visit their Windmill Village! The town is full of actual working windmills and they have a clog museum! This town was pretty touristy, but hey - we were tourists! And it was the perfect spot to get those "typical" pictures that say "hey, I went to the Netherlands"!

Zaanse Schans is a short, hour long train ride from Grand Central Station in Amsterdam. After you get off the train, it's a 5 to 10 minute walk through the town to get to the windmills. Most people getting off the train will be heading to see them too, so just follow the crowds through the town and over the bridge. Or they do have a convenient map located at the station so you can see where to go. Once you start walking into the town tho, you will begin to see the windmills. From there, it's easy to see where to go.

These are WORKING windmills! Each one made something different. And you can tour most of them.

Here's what to remember when planning your trip here

1. Be sure to check times each one is open before you go. And wear comfy walking shoes. Nothing is open before 10am, so don't hurry to get out there at the crack of dawn. We found these two websites helpful in planning our trip here: iamAmsterdam and DeZaanseSchans.

2. Bring cash (pounds) with you because each windmill or museum has a fee. We only ended up viewing one. We were able to go to the top of it and could see out to all the other windmills and that felt enough for us. But you certainly don't have to stop there. You do YOU people :). The only place we found that was free was the Clog Museum, which is awesome!

3. Bring several 50 cent coins (pound) with you. Especially if you plan to spend all day. They have outside public restrooms and it does cost 50 cents each time you use the facility.

We had such a lovely day wondering around! Pretty much every picture we took was "picture perfect" because everything was so awesome! We went through the windmill that made chocolate! YUM! It smelled like cocoa! And of course they served hot chocolate (for purchase). Inside the wooden working clogs are a magnificent sight to see. Something you have to do is stand at the top of a windmill, close your eyes and just listen. The sound of an old school windmill is pretty neat!

Next stop was the Clog Museum! (remember, it's free!) We got to watch someone hand make a clog, it was so cool. This is also where we got to take our pictures in giant clogs, and who doesn't want that?! Tons of cute places in this town to buy souvenirs, and the perfect place to just walk around and enjoy the day. Our day felt full but there was so much more to do that we get to, like cheese tasting. Again, I totally suggest reading up a bit before you go so you can really decide what all you wanted to accomplish in your day. We also met two more cats and some farm animals! I'm a sucker for animals, so I thought it was worth mentioning in my story, ha! Aren't you glad that you now know we saw animals?! lol!

Please don't pass up the opportunity to see this town if you're visiting The Netherlands, you'll love it!

Thanks guys for reading along this week about our travels. Happy Friday Eve! xoxo!