"You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness. We pardon to the extent that we love. Love is knowing that even when you are alone, you will never be lonely again. And great happiness of life is the conviction that we ARE loved. Loved for ourselves and even loved in spite of ourselves." - Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Love is what we share. It is the source of and what unites all of life.

Love is the constant reminder that you're not alone - that there is grace for you. Love is what enables us to see ourselves connected and on the same team as the rest of humanity. Love knows no bounds.

As we move into this Valentines Day weekend, I hope you take time to meditate on how loved you are. Let it fill up your thoughts till there's no room for any negativity, only gratitude. You are a marvel dear one and you have magic to give to the world. Soak in this love and then give it away to every one you know!

Pink and red are a FAVORITE combo of mine! I only really wear it during this time of year, which makes it seem even more special. Paired this J. Crew blazer (I swear it goes on sale and you should wait to buy when it does) and Pink Top with my go-to Madewell Jeans and some maroon flats.

I mixed it up with my crossbodies. Either of these work with this outfit. Just depending on the look you're going for. The red is more dressy and the satchel crossbody from Le Tote is more casual. This necklace is also courtesy of Le Tote. Click here to get $25 off your first tote :).

Happy Wednesday loves! xoxo!