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Time Away

Shannon StuckyComment
Time Away

Do you ever feel yourself pulling away from your life into a quiet solitude? It's not a lost place, but there is a distinct separation. You feel your world start to slow down. You become more comfortable in quiet places. It's been weeks since you were active in social media and you haven't seen or spoken to your friends in a while. Oddly enough, you feel okay with it. And yet, the culture we live in, stands waiting to remind us that we "need" to get back to our routine.

You know, the one that goes like this: wake up, facebook, instagram, snapchat, walk the dog, eat, work, eat, work-out, walk the dog, eat, do chores, make sure everything is ready for the next day, and capture all of it via facebook, instagram, snapchat and engage with everyone else's posts too!

Well, this totally happens to me! In fact, it's why you haven't seen a blog from me in a couple weeks. So today, let's talk about how to recognize and embrace this "away" process when it comes along. One thing I know for sure is that it IS an opportunity, not a punishment. And it always comes to help. 

  1. Don't Panic! 
  • When you begin to pull away, the quietness within you feels all warm and safe and secretly special. However, your brain might start to freak out because it "knows" the schedule and this wandering off into alone time is NOT on the schedule! Immediately I feel the pressure of all the people I've not kept up with. Running a blog is a lot about connecting with others and pulling away from it can feel like you're letting them down. But trust me, everything will be okay. You can let go. You won't lose anything or anyone that really belongs in your life.

  2. Breathe and Meditate

  • This is not the time to binge watch all the shows you're not caught up on! This is a time to read, breathe and listen. Whatever this looks like for you, it's the time to draw within yourself to the place where you commune with God. You are a powerful being that hosts a powerful compass. This drawing away is an active opportunity for you to remember the core of who you are. Aside from the people you know, the money you make, your talents, your abilities - you need to be able to see the beauty of your true self. Meditation doesn't always mean you know what to say or to meditate on. I start by being quiet. Then I breathe and allow gratitude to fill my thoughts. What comes next, I can only describe by saying - I feel the pleasure of God over my life as my face fills with warmth. It's almost like when you're sitting outside and the sun shines on your face. Then I soak. I don't worry about getting answers to things I have questions about. I just soak in the peace. That's what the pulling away does - it creates a space for you. It's up to you how you fill that space. You can try to fill it with noise until the window passes, or you can embrace the quiet and find the peace that is being offered to you.

 3. Let Time be Time

  • You won't be doing yourself any favors by asking, "When will this be over?". You can't hurry time. Be confident knowing that just as you were able to recognize it was time to pull away, you will recognize when it's time to rejoin your routine of life. Trying to figure out what you're supposed to "learn" in this process to help speed it along is pointless. I take it day by day. Sometimes you never know what it was "all about", you just have to trust that something in you changed for the betterment of how you live your life. Also, remember that being away doesn't mean you quit your job or stop talking to your friends all together. It's a participation on your part to take the opportunity when you can to be quiet and open. Sometimes it's lengthy and sometimes it's just a moment. This window will pass and who knows how long it will be until you feel the next pull to come away to a quiet place. So, remember to soak up every good thing the process has to offer you!  

Many thanks to all you readers - I appreciate you more than you know! xoxo!

Next week I can't wait to share with you guys all about Moab, UT and what to do there!