How to Make Your Bikini Wax Hurt Less

How to Make Your Bikini Wax Hurt Less

This is my first year of taking the bikini wax plunge! And I went for the FULL bikini. The first time they say is always the worst because you're ripping out hair that has never been ripped out before. I originally went in thinking I was going to get the Brazilian, but I didn't make it that far, haha! I also went during my period, which they also say is the worst time to go because you are extra sensitive. I also did absolutely NO research on how to make it less painful. It hurt worse than anything has ever hurt! I ran out of there swearing never to go back and I went home and cried for an hour!

However, I thoroughly enjoyed how it looked and not having to shave the entire time we were in Mexico was so awesome! So I thought I would do some research and try ALL the things they say is supposed to help. And if it didn't make it bearable, then I was going to not get it done again. I am happy to tell you that the second time around was night and day compared to the first time! I am confident going forward that I will have no problems keeping this up! The first time is still probably always the worst and supposedly your hair thins out as you go along. Even with this regimen, it is still a bit shocking, but immensely less painful! 

Here is what to do to ensure the least painful bikini wax: 

1. Your hair should be 1/8 to 1/4 inches long. Any longer will be more painful. Any shorter and the wax might not grab the hair.

2. Take ibuprofen (not tylenol) exactly 45 minutes before your appointment.

3. Get you some Numb Master numbing cream. I got the 1 oz bottle and it should last me a couple times. 45 minutes prior to your appointment, spread a THICK layer of the numbing cream to the entire area you are having waxed. Do NOT rub it in. After 20 min, apply another THICK layer of the numbing cream on top of the previous layer. Do not wipe off the previous layer. After the second layer is applied, saran wrap the entire area and let that sit for the next 25 min. I just kept my saran wrap on under my loose shorts with no underwear. I drove like that to my appointment. Then I went to their bathroom and removed the saran wrap and wiped off the cream directly before my appointment.

4. Afterwards I use an ingrown hair serum called Smooth Me. It helps cut down on ingrown hairs and bumps!

I PROMISE you this will work!